Monday, January 18, 2010

how to effectively waste time online

As a first time blogger I'd like to start off by asking you to be gentle with me.
I might look like an avid blogger, but I swear this is my first time.

Some websites I'd like to make you aware of, in case you haven't made them a part of your life yet...
First one I usually check is
We all have moments, or days (or weeks) that just don't go the way we would like. Here's how to let the world know how bad your day was.
This is a website filled with posts from people who have experienced an unfortunate event in their lives, which in turn makes me feel better about my own life.
Some of the posts are lame and the person's own fault, but overall it's still very entertaining and time consuming.

On the flipside is
The lighter side of life.
The people who post on this site experience some of the same things as their FML compadres, only they don't consider it the end of the world.
Warning: they are die hard Harry Potter fans and do not like Twilight. At all.

For anyone who's ever worried about what they might have sent on their phones before deleting their outboxes after a night out on the town, then check out for a glimpse into what you might have sent.
Filled with random texts that are hilarious, embarassing and somehow familiar, always a good source for a laugh or a cringe.

Sunday morning hangovers have never had it better than
Every sunday secrets from the book series Post Secret are posted on the website along with videos made by the book's producers.
New posts only happen on Sundays so you have to wait to get your secret fix.

For music lovers sick of their playlists there's
Uber easy to use and find new bands you may not have heard of. The music collection is chosen by taking what people are talking about on various online forums (Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc). You can listen to songs by the artists and download (for a fee) directly from the site.

Post one over and out.