Monday, February 8, 2010


there are two main places i've noticed where it seems customary for people to avoid talking.
the elevator
and the train station.

somehow the train station is always noisy, but it never seems like anyone is talking to each other. especially once you've gotten off the train and are shuffling towards the stairs. everyone is so caught up in their own escape route that you wouldn't notice if your highschool crush was the guy awkwardly trying not to bump into you.

it's not so much that elevators are free of chit chat, but conversations between friends or coworkers always seem to die out almost instantly after those doors hiss shut.
almost like you feel as if you might shatter the silent sanctuary of the elevator ride. or ruin someone's enjoyment of the award winning elevator music.

I can't think of much of a reason for the lack of chatter, so let's talk