Friday, April 9, 2010



Lately it seems like I've been discussing addictions a lot.
I interviewed a girl yesterday for the school paper who won a thousand dollars for having quit smoking.
Where's the thousand dollars for people who stop over eating?
Or drugs?

Addiction is a tough thing to fight, and it's a personal fight.
You're alone with your addiction in your own mind.
It's not just a test of physical strength, you have to be so set in your will to conquer it to be able to stop.

Then once you do, your addiction takes it's toll on your body.

Having never been addicted to a drug or substance I'm not sure how easy or difficult it is to find help.
Or support.
It would seem that if you're an addict to a drug or substance that you would be surrounded by people who are also addicted.
How do you get support to quit from other addicts?
I know my brother has had a tough time quitting smoking, and while he has support on the home front, he also has his posse of cigarette encrusted friends.

So when you're addicted, you might be able to walk away from the drug, but can you walk away from your friends?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

tick tock

For me, school is great.
I love it, I really do. I've always had a yearning for knowledge, though I didn't really enjoy the conventional methods of learning.

I always thought I knew what I wanted to do.
From grade 6 to grade 12 I was going into fashion.
Everyone knew me as the girl who drew clothes.
But never the fashionista. I've always preferred hoodies and jeans to anything risque.
I'm sure a shrink would love to dissect that as an attempt to blend in and not be noticed, but we can dive into the self-esteem issues later.

But when it came time to apply to Ryerson (my dream) I froze.
I didn't have a portfolio.
I didn't even know how to sew.
One sewing course, an ugly pair of pajama pants and an unfinished skirt later and I knew my way around a pattern at least.

It was enough to make me realize that perhaps it was time to find a different dream.
So there I was.
About to graduate and no career choice.
Because that's what it's all about right?!
Our whole existence here in North America is to go to school so you can get a job, which you will work at 5 days a week until you retire on a measly pension to survive on until you die.

So babies about to graduate into that wild and wonderful world of adulthood,
what will you choose?